• Dubai

    Pack your bags, we are going on vacation! | Top 3 major attractions in Dubai.

    Is Dubai topping your travel bucket list? If not, you are missing out!


    “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

    -Susan Sontag

    Saving up for your next vacation? You’ve probably researched and had a long list of must do’s. Perhaps you’ve tagged your friends and family too. Maybe you just aren’t sure where to go next. I’ll tell you why we love Dubai and why you should too!

    What inspires you to travel? Probably shopping, desert tours, safaris, entertainment, new food, education … the list is endless.

    Dubai is the most picturesque city in the United Arab Emirates. The city is home to the world’s major attractions such as the world’s tallest building, largest shopping, hospitality & entertainment facilities among others, therefore, attracting millions of tourists every year.

    Whether you want to relax on holidays or out to gain business, Dubai has something special for you. Some of the must do/ see things in Dubai include:

    • The Dubai Desert Safari
    • Dubai Mall and the dancing fountain
    • Burj Khalifa

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    The Dubai Desert.

    This magnificent desert surrounding the city of Dubai with incredibly wide expanses of sand and captivating dunes is a must experience. Some of the popular activities include:

    Safaris Dubai Desert Safari

    Our competent drivers will be thrilled to drive you through the sandy landscape and you’ll get to stop at various points. However, for awesome photographs and spectacular views, we encourage our clients to opt for evening game drives coupled with dinner at the desert.

    Quad biking.

    Up for a challenge that will raise your adrenaline? Then quad biking is what you need. Option A) You can hire a bike and navigate through the desert following the natural trail of dunes all by yourself. B) We can organize you a quad bike ride as we are connected to safe drivers who will impressively give you a ride through the breathtaking desert landscapes.

    Quad Biking Dubai Desert

    The Dubai Mall.

    This is the world’s 2nd largest shopping mall housing 1200 stores rented out by various hotels, entertainment facilities, aquarium, fashion stores and many more businesses. Continue reading Dubai

  • Wildebeest Migration

    Masai Mara -The Ultimate Cheat Sheet.

    wildebeest Migration-Masai Mara

    The annual migration of wildebeests is about to take place at the Masai Mara game reserve and is expected to make spectacular views. This makes Masai Mara the seventh wonder of the world and the most visited park in East Africa, attracting observers from all walks of life, from tourists, scientists to students both local and international. Lots of documentaries on wildlife will be shot here.

    Where is Masai Mara located?

    The park is an extension of Serengeti National Park. It is located about 280km south of Nairobi Kenya. A drive to the park via Sekenani gate takes approximately 3.5 hours from Nairobi. The traveller will certainly enjoy the scenic view of the Great Rift Valley. There is the option to hop by air from Wilson airport taking only 45minutes. Game drives are done by the safari vehicles or you can join the hot air balloon for a lifetime experience.

    See Why Kenya should top your list of travel destinations.

    The best time to visit Masai Mara

    July to October is the peak season and the best time to be in Masai Mara. At this time, most parts of the neighbouring Serengeti are dry forcing the animals to cross over to Kenya via the Mara River in search for greener pastures, however, this season there are all indications that they will use a different route which is a rare phenomenon. While in Kenya, they breed before answering call to nature of returning to Serengeti. Also during this time, there is a good chance to spot the cat family who will be waiting on the other end for their prey. Apart from the migration, the park has the highest concentration of birds and animals thus welcoming tourist all year round.

    What to do while in Masai Mara

    There are numerous optional activities to be taken while in the park. Like game drives, balloon rides, visit Masai village etc. Continue reading Wildebeest Migration