Why Kenya
Kenya is centrally located in Africa along the equator.

Kenya is centrally located in Africa along the equator. The climate is the best and is blessed with the best National parks still reserved in their natural environment. Where else will you see animals roaming close to your vehicle or camp if not Kenya?

This makes Kenya the best destination for safaris which take you to the best parks in the world. Kenya’s coastal white sand beaches stretch for over 300 miles and are dotted with best beach hotels which offer best of accommodation in the region.

Mountains like Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya and Aberdares leaves any discern traveller awed. Great lakes and the Rift valley all combine to make Kenya the most attractive location in the region. Infrastructure is well developed.

Kenya has world class Hospitality colleges that ensure Human resource is best trained to showcase the best, may it be cuisine or attractions. Kenyans are generally known for their hospitality and friendly culture.

Millions of testimonies have been given by those who have tried Kenya and Thousands who keep on coming back either as tourist, investors or to become residents. We welcome you to try Kenya through the assistance of Tour Plan Limited and you will live to give the testimony of your lifetime experience.

National Parks

The park is an extension of the Serengeti National park and both form the home of the seventh wonder of the world. The migration takes place between July and October each year which forms spectacular views. It’s regarded as the best park in the world and definitely will be the peak of your safari. This park has the highest concentration of both animals and birds. The park also neighbors the masai people known for retaining their culture.

Amboseli National park is Located at the foot of the snow caped Mt. Kilimanjaro which is found at the border of Kenya and Tanzania, this Park is famed for hosting of over a thousand herd of elephants including some of the largest in Africa. Buffalos, white bearded gnu, rhinos and Zebra, elands, waterbucks and gazelles are among the other common sites within this park. Masai people known for their culture retention are habitats of the neighborhoods.

Across the equator to the Northern semi Desert Kenya Is the Oasis Samburu National park which is the home of the rare Rothschild giraffe, Gravy zebra, Gerenuk, Vulture line guinea fowl together with the big five. The great Owasso Nyiro River cuts across this park forming a spectacular tree line.

Meru National park is world known for the famous for the award winning movie and the best selling book Born free both by Joy Adamson and George Adamson who were world renowned conservationist who raised and lived with Elsa the Lioness. It’s the most well watered Park and it has a wide range and high concentration of animals which are hardly found in other parks. These include African bush elephants, Masai Lion, Tanzanian Cheetah, Black rhino, grevy zebras, African Leopard, Hippos etc.

Meru National park is still very Natural and very Human interference. The animals found here are less used to human being therefore live in the most natural environment. It’s a highly recommended for the visitors who wish to try less trodden tourist routes.

Enjoy the secrets of Tsavo National Park with a lucky spot of the big five especially Red elephant for which Tsavo is famous. zebra, Giraffe, Buffalo and Plains game with a good chance of spotting the Lion and many bird species in the Park. Visit the Mzima springs and the Rhino sanctuary.

When at Tsavo west one can visit the amazing Finch Hattons camp, built around a series of hippo pools.

Hotels, Museums & Lakes

Treetops, Mt. Lodge and the Ark are the options available if you have a night to spare. The climate and game in these places are good but carry warm cloths.

Those who have seen the famous ‘Out of Africa’ film will not afford to miss a visit to this museum which was the home of Karen Blixen. The informative guide will be available on arrival to take you around and give you the history of the house and Karen Blixen.

If you have a full day, you can either take a day trip to the Great Rift Valley lakes and return in the evening or take a night out to the same. Here you will enjoy the views of pink flamingo colored lake, the grasslands and the beauty of the rift valley and the lakes.

Chances are good to spot the white and black rhino, Lions, Leopard, Greater Kudu, Topis, Impala, and Antelopes. The lakes are home to over 400 different species of bird hence a bird watchers paradise.

Animal Orphanage & Rescue Centre

Daphne Sheldrick orphanage is located within the Nairobi National Park and is open to the public between 1100hrs and 1200hrs daily. This is an orphanage where baby elephants and rhinos find sanctuary in the eminent death when they are lucky to be rescued from the wild in the event they lose mothers contact before they are two years of age.

A visit to this orphanage is not only fascinating, educative and opportunity to being close to the nature but also a chance to support this worthwhile cause.

This is the world known only National Park within a city. It covers about 114 square Kilometer. If you have about 3 hours to spare, take the opportunity to visit this Park where you have the chances of spotting Lions, Leopard, Buffalos, Cheetah, Giraffe, Rhino, different types of Antelopes etc.

This tour will include a visit to the animal orphanage located at the entrance of the Park where different injured animals are brought for care till they are fit to return to the wild.

This is a rescue Centre for the endangered rare Rothschild giraffe. You get close and candid with these beautiful creatures and you can feed and touch them.

Apart from giraffes, you will have a chance to spot other animals like Antelopes, Warthogs, zebras etc. take time to learn about these animals as the resident guide will be at hand to share research knowledge of them with you.


We at Tour Plan Ltd can organize tailor made packages for you combining any of the above parks and sites to suit your interests.